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About this product

#WhatIf? is designed to help young people develop a greater understanding of the inevitable worries they will experience in their own lives. By contextualising anxiety, young people are empowered to find practical coping strategies, leaving them better prepared to take control of their emotions and challenges they face.

#WhatIf? is an interactive tool containing four interactive games to help teenagers identify and cope with their own anxious thoughts and feelings. Conversation is facilitated with light-hearted question and answer cards which open up the floor for deeper discussion, before a ‘know’, ‘play’, ‘explore’ game structure allows greater understanding of how we can identify these feelings and cope with the physical symptoms and thought processes anxiety brings. 

Everybody experiences anxiety in their lives, and therefore #WhatIf? is a valuable resource for young people to address their own experiences of anxiety early on. It has been designed for use in churches, in schools, with your own children or in any pastoral setting with 11-15 year olds.

For more information, watch this great user guide video

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