Join with churches across the UK to celebrate Youth Work Sunday: 23rd September 2018

Whether your church has hundreds of young people in it or none at all, we have everything you need to make Youth Work Sunday a day to pray and get inspired. We’re inviting churches across the country to dedicate ten minutes, twenty minutes, or their whole gathering, to celebrating all that God is doing amongst young people in our communities, and to ask ‘What else could we do?'

Get your Youth Work Sunday USB and your postcards from our friends at CPO and then pick the resources that suit your church best - from great new films, a creative prayer guide, sermon inspiration - and we’ll help you through the planning with our easy, failsafe ‘how to run Youth Work Sunday’ guide.

Booked up on the 23rd? Celebrate a week later!

Luton churches! Youthscape would love to help you celebrate Youth Work Sunday, and we’d love to send one of our staff along to speak. If you’re interested, get in touch.