02 Apr 2014

Having read my fair share of Christian books that aim to encourage the readers to reach for greater things, I was a little skeptical. Normally these books are afraid to really go deep or just repeats teaching in a different way. This book completely exceeded my expectations and not only does it fulfil it’s goal but if you allow it to, it could change your life.

This is a well thought out book that will force an experienced or a new Christian to wrestle with what they’ve read and help you come to some conclusions by yourself. This book is full of amazing metaphors and stories that really help the reader grasp the ideas that the authors are communicating. This is really helpful in my case (I’m a visual thinker).

The book beautifully and simply communicates whilst also taking the reader on a journey to help them realise what it means to live up close and personal with God. You might pick this book up because it looks small and a quick read but it is anything but a quick read. You will lose hours just reflecting on the lessons in the book and ultimately allowing the book take you on a journey of exploring what it really means to follow God.

I found it a little difficult to get into the flow of the book early on but I made the decision to push through. If you are like me and find it hard keep going. You wont regret it.