Ruth Bennett

Interested in growth, learning and collaboration.

Ruth is a youth worker. Her interest in growth and collaboration drives her to support and develop others working with young people. She currently heads up learning and development at Youthscape and runs the national Youth Work Awards. Ruth has 2 small children and has a passion for painting and learning.

27 Aug 2014

Approaching sensitive issues with young people can be a minefield. This DVD provides a myriad of excellent ways to engage young people with the issue of self-harm in a tactful and appropriate manner.

At the heart of this resource are 4 beautifully and professionally made short films around the subject of self harm. Although these narratives are hard hitting and thought provoking, the accompanying resources provide fantastic ideas and discussion starters to be able to use the films with groups of young people, in school or in a youth group setting.

There are detailed teachers notes with each lesson plan that help even the least experienced adult to work appropriately with the material.

The teaching package gives sample lesson plans and printable worksheets exploring how different people deal with their emotions. It will enable teenagers to think through how they deal with their own emotions and reflect upon how they might deal with them even better.

This resource is not just for use with young people who self-harm. It is designed to get all young people thinking about how they deal with their emotions and to help them understand why some people turn to self-harm as their coping mechanism.

This excellent resource is informative and sensitive as well as being expertly produced. I would recommend it wholeheartedly to any youth worker or teacher wanting to explore the issue of self-harm with older teenagers.