Ros Fleming

Interested in creative ideas and mental health

09 Sep 2014

Romance Academy Playing Cards

Beginning conversations around sex and relationships with young people can be an awkward process. We know that for most teenagers relationships are a hot topic, and we know that they are often looking in unhelpful or unhealthy places for advice and support.

The Romance Academy playing cards provide a safe, easy way to start to open up that conversation. Based on a normal pack of playing cards, you’ll find 52 questions covering everything from ‘Great personality or great body?’ to ‘Could you imagine staying committed to one person for the whole of your life?’ and even ‘How would you explain sex to an alien?’

Using playing cards in youthwork is not a new idea, and so using tried and tested games to break the ice is a great way in to allow young people to share what they think and to ask their own questions. In my experience it’s also a great way to show you’re not coming along with all the answers, but that you as a youth worker are open to those conversations. 

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