Gill Briggs

Interested in mental health, theatre and people.

02 Apr 2014


Cherished is an accessible book, that is easy to read and focuses on many issues a teenage girl may struggle with or face. It is a great tool that youth workers could use one a one-to-one basis or use to discuss those issues potentially faced within a small group. The book has some good activities at the end of each chapter, which could be used to explore concepts of self-worth and the effects of a young girl’s self-worth. It introduces the topic of boys and sex in an accessible way, giving the reader an opportunity to explore their thoughts, feelings and views in a safe way, and encouraging the reader to share their conclusions with an older woman.

Cherished speaks words of truth that every teenage girl needs to hear – that they are loved, valued, accepted and cherished. The book encourages a young woman to understand the way that God sees her and it helps her to know, no matter where she has been in life, she is cherished. 

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