Alex Drew

Youthscape Luton Director

Inspired by feisty debates and the monastic.

Alex Drew is the Director of the local Youthscape work with young people. She and her husband Dan, lead a Soul Survivor church plant attended mostly by 20’s and 30’s in the upper room of a pub.

07 Aug 2014

Secondary Playing Cards

These cards are a handbag (or manly man-bag) essential for anyone working with young people. We’ve all been in that scenario with a young person or a whole group, where we want to take the conversation deeper, or perhaps just get the conversation started. Whether you find yourself in a mentoring session, a buzzing drop in café or a clammy minibus stuck in traffic on a youth residential, these innovative cards have a part to play in building relationships and having fun and meaningful discussions. 

The idea is simple and evolved directly from working with a young person who opened up when a card game was involved. A pack of cards with a cheeky twist, each card features a question. The four suits correspond to a key theme; questions about you, others, the world and beliefs. 

An inexpensive, simple and versatile tool.

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