Third Space Schools Ministry

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After leading the way in pioneering schools ministry thinking for the past ten years, Amy Tolmie presents a guide to a new way for Christians to engage in school. Alongside curriculum input and extra-curricular activities, Amy suggests that we also need to be connecting with a 'Third Space’; areas both physical and virtual which sit beyond the boundaries of traditional schools work settings. It might be an exhibition in an atrium, an installation based in an outdoor area, or a series of text messages, sent to student phones to create a story. Your biggest and bravest ideas can find a new context within school with a Third Space approach. This book is a rallying call to embrace a new vision for schools ministry that’s bigger and more imaginative than ever before. 
Part theory and part resource, the book includes five practical ideas for Third Space projects, complete with everything you’ll need to get started.


Available Downloads

1a. St Ignatius asks... ()

1b. Ignatian questions for reflection ()

1c. Facts about St Ignatius ()

1d. Ignatian reflections instruction sheet ()

2a. Forgiveness station ()

2b. Forgiveness audio ()

3a. Easter journey 1 ()

3b. Easter journey 2 ()

3c. Easter journey 3 ()

3d. Easter journey 4 ()

3e. Easter journey 5 ()

3f. Easter journey 6 ()

3g. Easter journey 7 ()

3h. Easter journey 8 ()

4a. Remembrance posters ()

4b. Remembrance instructions ()

5a. Info card ()

5b. Info card example ()

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