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Taking Theology to Youth Ministry (Hardback)

Author: Andrew Root

Product Type: Book

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About this product

Even if you know you're called to youth ministry and are passionate about the students in your group, you've probably had a few of those moments when you've wondered why you're doing certain things in your ministry, or wondered why you're even doing youth ministry in the first place. If you've ever stopped to ask, "What's the point of youth ministry?" ...In Taking Theology to Youth Ministry, Andrew Root invites you along on a journey with Nadia-a fictional youth worker who is trying to understand the "why" behind her ministry. Her narrative, along with Root's insights, help you uncover the action of God as it pertains to your own youth ministry, and encourage you to discover how you can participate in that action. As you join this theological journey, you'll find yourself exploring how theology can and should influence the way you do youth ministry.

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