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Self Harm Equipping and Supporting Workshop

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About this product

Our Self-harm Equipping and Supporting Workshop is ideal for those who want to a foundational understanding of self-harm along with developing the practical skills to run a support session with a young person and develop a self-harm policy for their organisation . This training suits youth workers, teachers, those offering pastoral support in schools and anyone else who has professional involvement with young people.


The morning session covers the following:

  • An overview of the latest research on the extent of self-harm among young people and the particular groups at highest risk
  • An understanding of why young people self-harm and key steps to help young people reduce their harming
  • How to respond to self-harm disclosure
  • Alternative coping strategies for individuals who self-harm
  • An understanding of physical and emotional indicators of self-harm
  • The impact of online communities and social media
  • Where to refer young people to specialist support for self-harm and an introduction to the resources that are available

The afternoon session covers:

  • Practical response and support session:

This module takes you step by step through running a support session for a young person who self-harms, along with practical role play exercises for starting conversation around disclosure.

  • Creating self-harm policy:

Working with children and young people brings with it a number of issues that need to be carefully navigated. Comprehensive policies and procedures ensure everyone works consistently, and helps maintain the wellbeing of those in our care. Self- harm policy covers all of these issues, and ensures everyone involved has clarity
and direction about how best to support the young person concerned as well as ensuring good practice from a safeguarding perspective. This one-hour module helps you develop policy for your organisation as well as sample policies to read, discuss and critique.

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