Schoolswork Artcards - Where is God?

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A pack of 12 high-quality artcards, comprised of original artwork by children and young people, giving their answer to the question "Where is God?".

The artwork is from young people of all faiths and none meaning this is a perfect resource to use in schools. This resource is ideal for opening up discussions, debate and reflection around the idea of searching for God.

On the reverse of each card are questions for the students, helping to open up their own ideas and beliefs.

For the accompanying lesson plan and PowerPoint containing the digital images, please see the link below.

Staff Review

Review by:

Jason Royce

Where is God? You probably already have an answer to this question. You probably also know that handing an answer to your young people is simply not enough. Through these striking and thought provoking pieces of art work your young people will think, question, and discuss more deeply than they’ve done before. Each card designed by a young person features their own thoughts about where God might be and questions to facilitate discussion. They work well in the classroom, in small groups and a whole bunch of informal situations.

Each pack comes with it’s own lesson plan and keynote presentation meaning that you can use this resource straight out of the box.

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