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Safe? is for anyone working with teenagers, whether that’s professionally or in a voluntary role. It’s designed to help you recognise signs of various types of abuse or safeguarding risk by creating hypothetical situations and asking you to consider your response.

Safe? builds a randomly generated case study for a fictional young person. As the case study grows, you’ll have to decide whether or not this young person is a safeguarding concern, and how you’d respond. It’s an ideal refresher for those who’ve already completed safeguarding training and need to remind themselves what to look out for, and it’s a great way to get teams discussing safeguarding issues without having to talk about sensitive cases.

Safe? is intended for teams or small groups of colleagues to use together. We recommend that you take your time using it – don’t rush through the round but discuss the information that comes up. How would you observe that characteristic in a young person? What causes or situations might you expect to be behind these behaviours? Would your response change if it was a younger or older person, or someone of a different gender?

Safe? is all about noticing signs of abuse in the things you observe about young people so you’ll find lots of symptoms and behaviours here, and less about disclosures. Of course real life is much more complicated but we hope Safe? will help you spot these things in your interactions with young people should they occur.

Safe? helps teams and individuals to work through the hypothetical process from observation to referral. The reality is that safeguarding doesn’t end there and we recommend you make sure you and your teams are comfortable with your current safeguarding policy and referral processes.

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