Rage / Despair / Hope: Full Film Download

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Rage / Despair / Hope: Full Film Download

Rage, Despair, Hope. Familiar emotions to many of us, but not always easy to explore. This resource uses the story of Job as a lense on these feelings through a vivid and imaginative retelling of this ancient wisdom literature, featuring 22 stunning pieces of artwork created by Si Smith. This downloadable pack contains 22 high-res pieces of artwork and accompanying voiceover narration (both as a 30 minute feature and 22 individual image & audio files) and a full day’s worth of workshop resources to accompany the retelling of the story. 

Originally designed for 16-19 year olds, this material works well in any 16+ setting, as art & scripture are used to explore profound human experience. The resource was created by Youthscape working in partnership with dare2engage and with support from The Bible Society and The Jerusalem Trust. 

Want to go deeper? Purchase the film alongside a full day’s worth of accompanying workshop materials here for £15.

Available Downloads

Rage / Despair / Hope Film (mp4 film containing all 22 triptychs with audio voiceover)

Rage / Despair / Hope Images (zip file containing all 22 triptychs)

Rage / Despair / Hope Audio (zip file containing 22 audio files to accompany the art work)

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Rage, despair and hope. The story of Job has it all. If you've ever lost all your oxen, horses, camels and staff in a short space of time then you'll know how Job felt. If you haven't, these 22 stunning original pieces of artwork, created by Si Smith, bring the story to life in a challenging and engaging way. 


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