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This collection includes all three sets of schoolsworkUK's popular playing cards. The original secondary-age playing cards are designed to work in lots of different settings in schools including:

• Group work
• Mentoring sessions
• Card tricks to use in the playground/dining hall 
• Card games in a lunchtime or after school club 

In all of these settings and more, discussion naturally flows from the questions that appear, whether it’s through a favourite card game, a trick, or just taking a card from the pack and seeing what happens.

The primary cards are geared towards the 7-13 yr old age group. This means they are suitable for use with the primary age group, middle schools and also in secondary schools with lower ability students. However, they still maintain the principle of using questions to open up conversation with humour and depth.

Our newest cards are the Student Age (16+) pack, designed for students in Sixth Forms, FE colleges and those beginning university.  They invite students to engage in conversations through a relaxed game setting, perfect for informal work in the common room, KS5 RE or Philosophy and Ethics, or working with young people/young adults of this age group in any setting.

All three sets of cards use four different types of questions, and adjust the tone and content of the questions to be age appropriate:

DIAMONDS: questions about you (e.g. identity)
SPADES: questions about others (e.g. friendships)
HEARTS: questions about the world (e.g. the environment, the world around us)
CLUBS: questions about beliefs (e.g. prayer, why we believe things - suitable for any age group and for those from any faith and none)

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