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Get inspired by the persecuted church to discover a deep passion for Scripture.

If the Bible was banned, how would you get into God’s Word? Would your walk with Jesus be affected if all your access to Scripture was taken away?

Amazingly, via our phones, we have access to God’s living, breathing Word whenever we want, but have we forgotten just how precious and infinitely valuable it is? In places where the Bible is illegal, outlawed and censored, followers of Jesus value it so highly that they memorise massive portions of it. We can be inspired by them to deeply know God’s life giving Word, carrying it with not just on our phones, but in our hearts too!

Hidden Word is an innovative new resource that takes you on a six-week programme that will help you and your youth/small group to learn Scripture. Each week we suggest some specific verses of Scripture to memorise that have been inspired by someone who knows the cost of following Jesus. And, each week there is a challenge to undertake to prove that you have memorised the passage(s).

Simple, right? But also potentially world-changing.

Hidden Word is simply about learning verses and passages of the Bible, hiding it in our hearts so we’ll always have a source of direction, comfort and joy, no matter what we face. The resource takes people through a six-week course of stories, prayer and Bible memorisation challenges. Each week there is at least one passage to memorise and a challenge to undertake to prove you have learnt the passage. Each passage relates to a story from a persecuted Christian, and will inspire us to re-discover just how precious and vital God’s Word is.

Is this for groups, or will it work with just me?
Hidden Word can be used as a standalone devotional resource for an individual, but doing it together as a group will work just as well – maybe even better. We’ve included a special leader guide that includes a standalone session that leaders can use and adapt, group discussion questions on the passages and some afternoon/ongoing challenges to undertake in a group too (and these are pretty epic!). To get the most out of the resource, it’s worth everyone taking part has a pack themselves…

Included in the pack (which all comes in a resealable, buriable bag) is the following stuff…

  • A devotional guide / leaders guide with a session outline and epic group challenges
  • A Hidden Word New Testament and Psalms
  • A special note pad, sticky notes and highlighter pen
  • Six festival-style wristbands that you can write verses on
  • Temp tattoos and stickers to help you recall learnt passages
  • And a wealth of ideas, stories and prayers!

What does it cost?
There are a lot of elements in the pack, and while we normally don’t change for our resources, this time we wanted to create something really special. So, we’re asking for a minimum £14 (including £2 postage)suggested donation for each Hidden Word pack. This covers the cost of producing the resource, but also will help to send a Bible to a Christian in a country where followers of Jesus face persecution.

What if I want lots of Hidden Word packs for my group?
Amazing. Sounds like you’re on board with the idea. We’d love to see hundreds of groups use Hidden Word, and we think it would work best for each person undertaking the Hidden Word challenge to have their own pack. If you buy 5 or more you'll get them for just £10 each, plus postage.

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