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Friends Are Heroes Kit

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We know that self-harmers will often choose to tell their friends that they are self-harming before telling their parents or teachers. The contents of this kit is designed to remind friends of self-harmers that if their friend decides to tell them that they are self-harming, they don't have to take responsibility for what their friend is going through. is a website dedicated to supporting young people impacted by self-harm, providing a safe space to ask questions and for them to be honest about what's going on in their lives. Whether they're self-harming, or are friends with someone who is - they are never alone. The video could be used in a variety of school, sixth form, college and youth group settings to help young people think about self-harm, however it is not recommended for use in a 1:1 session.

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Double sided poster resource ()

Leader's Guide plus video link ()

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