Youthscape Dice

Author: Rachel Warwick

Product Type: Creative Resources

Price: £8.50


About this product

We use them in text messages and social media so much that they’ve become part of our every day language – the simplest way to communicate a feeling or response. Emoticons are everywhere. So we made them into dice.

There are loads of games you could play with these;

Games to break the ice in discussion groups.

Games that help teenagers develop a vocabulary around feelings and emotions.

Games to help young people work out how to take control of their emotions.

Games to explore telling stories and testimonies

There are six dice in the set, giving you 36 emoticons to play with. They come in a handy little drawstring bag, perfect for keeping in your pocket or bag so you've always got them to hand at youth club, school or anywhere. The Youthscape Dice come with an instruction leaflet which gives you a bit of background information as well as five ideas for games you can play but we're sure you'll come up with your own too. 

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