First Steps out of Anxiety

Author: Dr Kate Middleton

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Anxiety can rob you of opportunities, satisfaction, and self-esteem. But this doesn't have to be the case-by learning some simple techniques, you can regain ground and lead a happier, more fulfilled life. In First Steps out of Anxiety, psychologist Kate Middleton reveals how anxiety works-in your thought patterns and in your body's chemicals. Drawing on real-life stories as well as her own experience of overcoming phobia, Kate lays out a path to recovery which is compassionate, easy to follow, and perfect for anyone wishing to take the first steps to recovery.

Staff Review

Review by:

Rachael Costa

Trainer, SelfharmUK

Interested in coffee, mental health and pretty things.

Dr Kate Middleton’s book, “The First Steps Out of Anxiety” is a brilliant read for anyone struggling with an anxiety problem. This well written little book is packed with insight and practical ideas for anxiety management.

I love that from the outset Kate affirms that anxiety is not a “bad” emotion, which can help to alleviate some of the guilt which surrounds the issue for Christians. The “Mythbuster” and “Over to You” sections are particularly brilliant as they draw the eye and enable the reader to wrestle with their own anxieties.

Arguably, the only improvement that would improve the book is some colour to keep the presentation style as engaging as the content!

A highly recommended resource for anyone wanting a user-friendly introduction to anxiety from the life-long worrier to the youth-worker seeking some understanding.

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