Affirmation Cards

Author: Youthscape

Product Type: Alternative Gifts

Product Type: Postcards

Price: £4.00


About this product

This set of 6 stylish affirmation quote cards contains inspirational quotes written by young people. Each card displays a uniquely designed quote taken from a blog on the SelfharmUK website written by a young person about different aspects of their mental health. On the back of each card is the title of the blog and the link to the full blog on the website. The pack also contains an extra card with suggestions of things to do, such as frame them or give them to someone as a gift etc. 

If you’re a young person obsessed with scrolling through stylish quotes on Instagram, why not buy a pack of these cards to keep and admire for yourself?

If you’re a Youth worker or School worker, these cards are ideal to buy as a gift for young people in your youth group or School.

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