Vulnerable Youth Specialist

Salary: £25,000

Starting: September 2018

Youthscape are seeking an outstanding youth specialist to take on a new role based in the heart of our local team. This role will focus specifically on developing and managing programmes for young people in a number of vulnerable groups, including young people at risk of CSE and gang engagement, young refugees and young people in care. 

The successful candidate will  have the opportunity to develop successful projects into national initiatives. They will have opportunities to develop innovative resources and training for use across the UK. The vulnerable youth specialist will be expected to assess the needs of vulnerable young people, advocate for them both internally and externally, and ensure that their needs are being met throughout our diverse local work.

This person will take on a key role in our safeguarding structure, and it is desirable that they will become Youthscape’s safeguarding lead.

Please send a completed application form and CV to by Friday 15th June 2018 

Collaborative worker LCF & Youthscape

Salary: From £24,000 pa

Starting: Sept 2018

Youthscape and Luton Christian Fellowship are seeking to recruit an exceptional youth worker to take on an innovative new ministry role. The successful candidate will work on behalf of both organisations in a range of contexts including school, church and the local community. They will be responsible for the youth ministry at LCF, a Church committed to knowing Christ, and making him known, and work on defined local and national projects as part of the Youthscape team.

As part of a small team of collaborative workers assigned to various local churches, this person will help to grow youth ministry across the town, and create pathways for young people to find a home in Christian communities. Working in church, school and the Youthscape local drop-in, they will represent both organisations simultaneously, building on the already-strong links between the two. They will also be empowered to develop and implement new projects at Youthscape, which in turn will connect with and enrich their work at LCF.

Please send a completed application and CV to  by Friday 29th June