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We're looking for someone to chair our Board of Trustees - is that you?

After 25 years developing from a local schools ministry to a national youth work organisation, Youthscape is again embarking on a period of growth and change from 2018. In our early history, our focus was on sharing faith with Luton young people principally through visiting schools. The Board, and the role of the Chair, reflected this local ministry in their background and motivation. As Youthscape developed nationally-facing ministries alongside the ongoing work in Luton, the Board broadened its skillset to include those with the necessary experience and connections. The Chair’s capability had to expand to reflect the new challenges Youthscape faced with larger budgets, more staff and growing national prominence.

In the last 5 years, Youthscape has grown and evolved in unprecedented ways. The acquisition and opening of Bute Mills marked a step-change in our work towards becoming a national organisation. Whilst still rooted in day-to-day- work with young people in Luton, Youthscape is now influencing practice and approaches across the UK church with innovative new models and resources. The governance of the organisation and the role of the Chair has had to evolve again to oversee these developments, embracing this national strategy and overseeing an experienced leadership team and CEO.

The church has been a force for good in the lives of young people for decades – even centuries. Now, at the very point where the need is greater than ever, it finds itself disconnected and unsure of how to respond. Confidence is low. Numbers are dwindling. Old ideas and methods have run their course. Change is urgent.

Youthscape is at a critical point in its journey. We want to lead a renewal in youth ministry in the UK, using new models and approaches that meet the social, cultural and theological challenges. Over the new few years we expect our national work to grow substantially in scope, size and profile. Our work with young people in Luton continues to be the foundation of this ministry bringing authenticity and authority to our wider ministry.

The new Chair of the Board will play a crucial role in this growth, helping shape the Board’s membership and capabilities to match the development of Youthscape and the opportunities and challenges we will face. They will also need to share our heart for young people, and our aspirations to shape the church’s national strategy and practice in youth ministry.